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MATRIMONIAL DETECTIVES, established in 1999, is a Pioneer Investigation Agency with its Head Office located at New Delhi. It operates throughout the country and even outside. Its sole moto is to unearth the truth.It operates as a Problem Shooter and delivers exactly what you require and that too within the prescribed period.While working hand-in-hand with our Clients, the Company assures complete confidentiality.

It has got a highly professional team of dedicated investigators and administrative staff possessing a wide variety of individual skills. While they are academically sound, they have practical experience of years in all areas of investigation. The staff continuously undergoes meaningful trainings to keep themselves abreast of current events and thereby go on improving their skills in investigation. Our team comprises selected elite of investigators, formally trained in prestigious institutes. Contact us today to discuss your private investigation needs. We have been successful in helping hundreds of clients with our detective work, ensuring utmost secrecy & privacy at all times, and we’re ready to help you too!


Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

Marriage is a life long relationship. But in today’s fast-changing world where marriages, which were earlier believed to be made by God, are being broken the very first day and the brides are committing suicides or are killed for dowry, etc., this concept of pre-matrimonial verification has gained significance.

Often parents of prospective brides and grooms like to know about the whereabouts of their child’s would be spouse. We offer Pre-matrimonial investigative services, which if done honestly and carefully. However, in the process.

Post-Matrimonial Investigation

Like Pre-Matrimonial verifications, Post-Matrimonial verifications are also equally important for smooth married life. Matrimonial Detective can very well boast of expertise in such cases also.

In these cases, we cater information on – his/ her extra-marital relationship, Spouse fidelity,pre-marriage affair with anyone, parental intervention in their married life, any dowry demand or any other cruelty/harassment to the girl by her in-laws, attitude of mother-in-law or any other in-law towards the girl, in-laws reputation in the neighborhood.

Divorce Cases

Matrimonial Detectives can very well boast of resolving many divorce cases amicably. We provide litigation support in such cases. In case of a girl filing divorce case against her husband, we ascertain her in-law’s behavior with her, their reputation in the neighborhood, social & financial status, family background, any harassment/cruelty being subjected to her, medical fitness, any bad habit, her husband’s fidelity, etc.

Love Affairs

Love affair can be described in many ways like college love affair, office love affair, neighborhood love affair, virtual love affair through social networking sites & matrimonial sites. If you notice a change in behavior of your near n dear ones like unexplained absences, untimely phone calls, unusual arguments or any other suspicious activities then you need a call for the private detective so that your problem can be solved.


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