Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

A marriage is a lifelong association where people find true friends in their partners. But in today’s world, marriages are becoming a short time affair. Revolution has invaded the sanctity of the institution of arranged marriages, unlike the earlier days when marriages were held usually within the known families. With the changed scenario, now marriages are being mostly arranged through unfamiliar sources such as websites and newspaper ads. They end up the very first day. A lot many marriages without adequate information about the prospective bride and bridegroom, their financial status and family lead to unhappy and broken marriages. Such situations occur when parents do not investigate thoroughly about the subject (boy/girl).

The concept of pre-matrimonial verification has gained its significance in the recent past. Trust and transparency are the two main pillars of a successful marriage. We help our clients build these pillars before marriage by performing effective pre-matrimonial verification checks. We at Matrimonial Detectives India, offer pre matrimonial investigation services. However, in the process of investigation, we provide 100% anonymity to our clients and ensure that their details are never shared or disclosed.

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Services

Our team of specialized & dedicated detectives provides complete information of the below mentioned attributes that one looks for in a Bride/Groom:

  • Family Background: A detailed information of the boy/girl’s family, their siblings, their relationship with each other. Their interaction with the society they live in.
  • Character Verification: Knowledge of prospective spouses current and where ever possible past relationship will go a long way in making an informed decision about the marriage. The information of his friend circle shall play a very important role. A person’s nature makes him a friend or a foe. A marriage largely depends on one’s temperamental balance.
  • Educational Background: The education that he/she has acquired in terms of schooling, college, professional degree, etc. It also covers his/her employment details as in his /her working style, their connect with colleagues, attitude towards their job.
  • Financial Status: This is to some extent a very important attribute in a marriage. Many marriages end up due to inadequate or false information of the financial status. This includes one’s standard of living, his/her stake in society, his financial holdings, etc.
  • Medical History: Details of any illness that the boy/girl has should not be hidden. Details of the treatment if any that the boy/girl is undergoing through.
  • Religious Background:  The religion practiced, the community he/she belongs to, mother tongue spoken. One should be well aware if the would-be partner is a firm supporter of a belief/religion/ association, etc.
  • Habits: Habits like smoking, drinking, drugs should be well known. It should not come as a surprise later as these adverse habits can have disrupting effects on one’s marriage.
  • Assets Verification: Details of the property that one owns, the vehicles that he owns.
  • Social Reputation: It is the Image of a person in the Society. Social Reputation leads to the details of his/her connect with the society he/she lives in. It also gives an insight of one’s character.

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