Post-Matrimonial Investigation

A successful marriage is not just finding a partner, but finding a loyal partner. With the growing number of extra marital affairs, the terms loyalty & loyal relationships in marriage does not make any sense. A sudden change of one’s behavior can be dangerous in a happy married life. The reason for the sudden behavioral change can vary from the hectic working schedule in offices, bad behavior or extra marital affair, parental intervention, demand of dowry, domestic violence, rude /intolerable attitude of the in-laws, etc.

So before landing up to any decision, one should have a clear introspection and for that, the person should go for a detective agency specialized in carrying out post- matrimonial investigation. At Matrimonial Detectives India, our detectives carry out the investigations secretly & with utmost care. The Post matrimonial verification carried out by us will reveal the truth & give you a clear picture to help you take a precise decision.

Post-Matrimonial Investigation Services

We unearth the following:

  • Pre Marriage Affairs: evidence of instances of the spouse still being in an affair after marriage.
  • Dowry Demand: Evidence of The family demanding for dowry, harassing the girl for the same  
  • Other Harassment: Evidence of Domestic violence, physical abuse, abuse, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, etc.

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