Love Affairs

The Phrase “Love is in the Air” is very much taken seriously by people in times now. We hear of everybody falling in love be it a college affair, affair in the workspace, affair in the neighborhood or virtual affairs. Nowadays, virtual affairs have taken a toll. People meet on social networks & connect with each other so much so that they fall in love. But it has been observed that most of such affairs are just for cheating the others. Love is more like a gamble. You might not know when your so-called partner turns you down. The sudden change in their behavior should be taken care of, their lack of interest towards the relation should be the point of concern.0

Loyalty is what Love demands. Matrimonial Detectives India helps you with the evidence of the Loyalty checks conducted. We can help you find out if your partner is loyal to you & not cheating you for someone else. There are cases where one of the partner is already married but the other one is unaware of the same. We get the background checks done & provide you complete information of the convict. To check the loyalty & faith of your partner towards you is not easy. One has to have the assistance of a detective if you really want to have a loyal & true partner. SWD, with its experienced detectives provides you the best of evidence.

Love Affairs Services

  • Shadowing the Person: we follow the suspect to find out which places he visits. This also helps us to understand his routine activities.
  • Analyzing the daily activities & behavior of the suspect: A controlled check is kept on the suspect’s daily activities & behavior.
  • Record personal meetings & social gatherings of the suspect: A complete track is kept about the people the suspect meets & the gatherings he has been a part of.
  • Making photographs & Videos of the suspect: necessary photographs & video recording are made is the suspect is found in suspicious situations or places.
  • Tracing the calls & contacts of the suspect: the suspect’s calls are traced & the contacts that he/she is connected to are also tracked to find out the insights about the suspect.

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